Guided tour, Museum

The prison was built as a closed prison between 1842 and 1848, and inaugurated in 1849. We offer guided tours to tell you all about Falu Prison and the history of the Swedish prison service. We follow the inmates’ route to The Court Room where sentence was passed. We also show how the prisoners lived locked up in their cells and what everyday life was like for them. We also take you through the different eras of the Swedish prison service from 1850 to 1995 when the prison closed.

In the Prison’s Cellar, we have created a museum with historic collections.

This was made possible by the donatation of more than 600 old objects relating to Falu Prison by a former prison guard, Jan Forsberg. Jan’s interest in the Swedish prison service is reflected at the museum with objects from different eras. The collection of objects includes: different types of hand, neck and foot restraints; pillory, stocks with broad axe; the prison guards’ equipment from different swords to the batons used today; different objects confiscated from prisoners such as syringes, knives, hash pipes, escape aids, etc; prison art and old objects used at the prison; products made by the prisoners in the prison workshops, etc.

We have also recreated the old solitary confinement cell, which was down in the prison basement. It is a dark, unheated cell – the daylight that filtered in through a small window was the only source of light. The cell contains just a wooden bench bed with a latrine at one end and a wooden pillow at the other. It was last used in 1942. We have also set up a museum cell which shows what the cells looked like in 1850, and a cell from 1995 when the prison was closed.

The museum is open daily from 3 pm to 6 pm. Guided tours can be booked on tel. +46 (0)23-795575