The restaurant serves everything from tasty everyday dishes to gourmet dinners comprising several courses. Conference lunches and dinners are served in connection with conferences as required. We can seat up to 50 guests in the Inmates’ Dining Room. Larger functions are held upstairs in The Court Room.


The Inmates’ Dining Room can accommodate parties of up to around 50 people and we can serve everything from simple meals to party menus with two, three or more courses. For larger groups, we set up a long table for up to 80 people in the corridor upstairs and can arrange dance in The Court Room.

You are also welcome to arrange your event whereby you organise your own catering and we provide the tables and crockery. Overnight guests then stay in the cells on the upper floor. All so you can arrange an enjoyable party that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

In the summer, we can organise parties in the exercise yard with a barbecue buffet and dance in various themes.

Price: Please ask for a quote!